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Sigma Fiber Cement Board

SIGMA Fiber Cement Board presents the art of Germany know-how as a high quality building material. It contains inorganic raw materials such as cement, silica powder and reinforced cellulose fiber as the main materials. All SIGMA boards are autoclaved to become stable product. SIGMA Fiber Cement Board does not contain any of asbestos fiber, however, it has strong bending strength like those with asbestos. SIGMA Fiber Cement Board can be applied not only for the interior use but also for the outdoor wall system. It has low water absorption rate and high impact resistant ability. These good advantages make it suitable for any purposes of applications.

Advantages for SIGMA Fiber Cement Board Concrete Wall System:

  1. Light weight, only 1/3 of total weight compared to RC brick wall.
  2. The wall is solid and firm inside, and resistant to pressure.
  3. Painting, tiling and nailing is possible in the new system.
  4. Noise reduction can be up to 46 db.
  5. Good efficiency, workers can work three times faster compared to RC.
  6. Working environment can keep it dry and clean for better management.
  7. Cost of this system will be almost the same as the brick wall.
  • Wall insulation system
  • Concrete wall partition
  • Interior partition system
  • Bathroom & Kitchen wet area


Squared Tapered

Special custom sizes, please contact the factory.



Solid Concrete wall (example)

Bathroom & Kitchen (example)

Installation of Solid concrete wall

  • Install of steel channel

  • Install Sigma board on side

  • Install piping

  • Install Sigma board on the otger side

  • Mix W-CSP concrete cement

  • Fill width concrete

  • 14 days waiting

  • Fill up with jointer

  • painting

Dry wall install

  • Marking


  • Fix the epprt and bottom steel stud

    Step02Fix the Upper and bottom steel stud

  • Installation of steel channel

    Step03Installation of steel channel

  • Board applying

    Step04Board applying

Special screw
Jointer application
Wet area treatment